Building Golden Rule Schools

The Campus Peace Initiative provides educational programs and resources to help resolve conflicts and promote peace in K-12 schools.

As aggression and mental health challenges increase, we empower schools through: conflict resolution curricula, and social and emotional learning programs.



Through the Campus Peace Initiative, schools learn simple strategies for transforming campus culture. The initiative is built on the Golden Rule – the simple yet transformational skill that resolves social conflicts, promotes civility, and facilitates peace.

We believe that the best way to bring peace and civility is through empowerment – specifically resilience education, social and emotional learning, and community dialogue.

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Our Board of Directors

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Our Global Ambassador

Jeff Veley is the founder of the Campus Peace Initiative. As one of today’s top leading youth motivational speakers, Jeff’s peacemaking strategies have reached over 1 million people including schools across the globe. An advocate for social and emotional learning, Jeff is the co-author of Golden Rule Ambassadors, SQUABBLES®, and Bigfoot Gets Bullied (a #1 Amazon best seller).

Jeff’s message teaches students how to face adversity, grow in resilience, and solve their own social problems. As a result, he’s received two international awards for effectiveness in conflict resolution and is officially recognized as a Peace Ambassador by the United Nations. A social misfit turned social skills educator, Jeff’s comedic and inspiring presentations command audiences of all ages and teach the skills necessary to overcome life’s challenges.

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We believe that the best way to bring peace and civility is through empowering people – specifically through resilience education, social and emotional learning, and community dialogue.

The Campus Peace Initiative is a proud sponsor of…

“Love Changes It All”
National School Assembly Tour

Resilience Revolution!
A Mega Event Reaching Every Student in Your City

Stronger Together
Community Mental Health Forum


The Campus Peace Initiative is proud to promote the following educational materials.

These resources combine resilience education, bullying prevention, conflict resolution, and social
emotional learning. Learn more by clicking the links below. Additionally, Jeff’s DVD’s, books, and
curriculum can be purchased at

The Peace Sign Approach
to Bullying Course

Learn Jeff Veley’s two-time international award-winning approach to boosting resilience and resolving social conflicts.

Golden Rule
Ambassadors Curriculum

Empower students to transform campus culture through student-led challenges in civility and citizenship.

The Resilient Mindset

A three-part student video series, designed for middle and high school students

Campus Culture
Planning Guide

A tool to help administrators evaluate resources,
overcome challenges, and build a Golden Rule School.

Pathway to Peace

Our 4-step model for helping schools improve campus culture.


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